The following individuals, businesses and nonprofits donated to the 2010 Ride 2 Recovery (R2R) Golden State Challenge. 


Anonymity was requested by the following:

[ 0 ] entities (businesses, clubs, NPOs, etc.) and [ 1 ] individuals donated and/or passed the hat among family, friends, coworkers and/or colleagues and have requested to remain anonymous.  I have personally thanked them for their thoughtful and generous donation to help America's injured military.

24.  George S., Sales Manager, Alameda Bicycle (BA) 

23.  Daniel Latch, DC, Latch, So and Hwang

22.  Carolyn S., a neighbor and friend.  Her husband served in the Navy.

21.  Chevys and Applebees,  a special thanks to the Alameda Sun for spreading the word about the Applebees fundraiser.  And, a special thanks to those who participated.  Lesson learned.  I should have spread the word much, much sooner.  I’ve communicated with both restaurants and they’ve given me suggestions for future fundraisers.

20.  Shirley W., BIC Board member and speech pathologist who works with the brain injury community.

19.  Susan F., a close friend of my landlord.

18.  Marc L., one of my cycling buddies who I affectionately refer as my Trainer; he serves in the Coast Guard.

17.  Jean W., a close friend of my landlord.

16.  RHINO (nickname), a Vietnam veteran and brain injury survivor I met through an online support group. He thinks the R2R Progam is a wonderful way to let our combat veterans know they are not forgotten.

15.  Dr. Pamela Paradowski, the East Bay Brain Injury (EBBI) Support Group's facilitator.

14. Diane R., who I met through Team Alameda, was unable to participate this year and requested the R2R transfer her sponsors to me.

13.  Debi has paid her registration fee and made a donation of $13.00 (1.00 per month to + $1.00 per person in her family.)

12.  My brother, Stan, a noncombat veteran -- like me, and his wife, Roma.

11.  Karen N., We met through our dogs and met once a week to walk.  RIP Blackjack (Labrador Retriever) and RIP Buddy (American Pit Bull Terrier).

10.  Steve A. my landlord who treats me like family; Steve also served in the Coast Guard Reserves.

9.  Marlene L. I met through a brain injury support group many years ago.

8.  Gene Oh, the owner and President of Alameda Bicycle.

7.  Virgil and Margy S. I met Margee, Virgil and their adorable Australian Terrier, Callie, through my precious pit bull, Buddy.  I recently learned that Virgil is also a Vietnam veteran.

6.  David G., one of my cycling buddies.  David rode with me usually after he's worn himself out running and/or cycling in the Oakland Hills, and swimming and/or spinning at the gym; he is training to participate in an Ironman Triathlon.

5.  Cindy Houts, Executive Director, Alameda County Meals on Wheels.  My first fundraising bike ride event was the Wheels for Meals Ride in 2009. Cindy and her husband participated in the San Francisco to Los Angeles AIDS/Lifecycle Ride a few years ago.

4.  Anthony, also a Vietnam era veteran, and Barbara DiSalvo participated in the Golden State Challenge.  Barbara was a SAG vehicle volunteer and Anthony rode. They also donated to help me meet my "lofty" goal.

3.  Bev C., a neighbor and friend.  Her husband retired from the Navy.

2.  Andrea F., a student in Dental Hygiene at Chabot College and my neighbor's granddaughter.

1.   Dr. Claude Munday, a Vietnam veteran and a neuropsychologist specializing in traumatic brain injury (TBI).