Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please help Andreas Knickman fight bone cancer

A few of my favorite blogs are listed alphabetically on the bottom right of my blog.  I came across the Fat Cyclist blog when I was googling how-to lose weight cycling.  Fat Cyclist (AKA Elden Nelson) started writing his blog in May of 2005.  I enjoy his writing and plan to suggest he turn his blog in to a book.  I learned of this blog last year, and it's overwhelming to try to read 5 years of posts on a computer.

I gather Fatty started writing initially about weight and cycling and he still does, but it has grown in to something more.  Fatty uses his blog to raise awareness and funds about a very worthy cause that is very personal to him.  Susan, his wife and the mother of their four children, fought cancer for five years.  

Fatty is dedicated to raising awareness and  funds for cancer.

Andreas Knickman has metastatic osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  He is the son of Roy Knickman, a retired professional cyclist and a former teammate of Andy Hampsten, the winner of the 1988 Giro d’Italia,  Roy is currently a firefighter for the Paso Robles Fire Department in California. 

Fatty is asking people to donate to help Andreas Knickman fight bone cancer.  Those who donate before December 23rd can win an opportunity to bike with Andy Hampsten in Italy or France.  Please read Fatty's blog titled, Help Andreas Knickman Fight Bone Cancer, Tour Italy with Andy-Freaking-Hampsten for all the details.

Please share the Fat Cyclist's blog about Andreas battle with cancer with everyone you know especially parents, those who like to bike, firefighters and anyone whose life has been affected by cancer.

If 300 people I E-mail or facebook donate $5.00, my contacts and I will contribute $1,500.  And, if those 300 people reach out to 100 people who donate $5.00 those 300 people will each raise $500 and they will contribute $150,000.  Add the $1,500 from my contacts and we will collectively contribute $151,500 to a very worthwhile cause.  If my 300 contacts were to reach out to 300 people and raise $1,500, we would collectively raise $451,500 to help Andreas fight bone cancer.

I'm signing off to go make my PayPal donation to help Andreas win his fight with bone cancer.  Will you make a donation?  Will you spread the word?

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