Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 1 to Santa Cruz and Day 2 to Carmel

We made it to Santa Cruz last night.  It was somewhere between 70 - 73 miles.  It took me approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes.  What a ride, what an experience!  I met a gentleman who gave me awesome tricks on preserving energy on the climbs.  I will need that for our 92 mile ride to San Simeon.

Today, we rode 63 miles to Carmel.   I rode the entire way both days without SAGing (cycling term) meaning needing to be picked up because your bike has had a mechanical problem; you've been injured; you just can't ride any further safely due to fatigue; or because of physical pain that could result in a serious injury.

The opportunity to meet the men and women serving today has made any pain I feel bearable.  The support the American Legion, Ride 2 Recovery (R2R), USO and many local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)s are providing the participants is phenomenal.  There are businesses like Otis Spunkmeyer and Hansen's Natural supporting this awe-inspiring rehabilitation and fundraising ride, also.  I can't remember all of R2R's partners so be sure to visit R2R's "new" website.

Clint Eastwood who resides in the Carmel area wasn't available this year, but he informed his friend who is a Legionnaire (member of the American Legion) he would be available for the Ride 2 Recovery next year.  Nonetheless, America's most important stars were there -- the men and women serving our country today.

I'm exhausted and elated because I haven't SAGed, yet.  I've texted my Trainer every night to tell him how I'm doing.  I have a lot to write about, but I need some sleep.

Night, night.

Tomorrow, I'll be TREKkin' again with a lot of wonderful people.


AKA Deborah Palmer

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